In 2017 IMC Partnered with FCAS and GIDOC to bring the Business to Saudi under the Brand of PAS (Professional Archiving Solutions).

FCAS has the experience of over 27 years, it was born in 1992 the result of North American Company. Five years after in 1995 FCAS wanted to overcome their challenges, the Company extended and moved to São Paulo,Brazil. In 2012 GIDOC become an exclusive FCAS distributor in Brazil and abroad.


We provide complete digital transformation solutions that span the entire information management lifecycle that enable customers to move from clutter and clutter to the physical and digital content management archiving system. As well as custom products for document storage. Our concept is simple and wise, which persists in the use of the physical methodology of the Digital Sequential Numerical File integrated with Electronic Document System.

What we do


  1. Perseverance: Identify the obstacles opportunities, making each a challenge to overcome reason.
  2. Innovation: Adding values, constantly mutating ideas and intellectual potential into practical action.
  3. Ethics: Practice ethical principles and moral values of human conduct in all relations and work processes.
  4. Commitment: Assume each commitment and total dedication to discipline, being responsible for the results to be achieved.


Promote lasting solutions in document management in an innovative, customized and effective way, creating quality for people and organizations, for now and future generations.


Being International Referral and Leadership solutions in Documents Management.


Instant Integration + Identification! Physical Filing Integrated with Digital Filing Systems. You can access the scanned documents through the web and identify the original ones quickly and safely, located in the chart by the colored numeric sequential string with no chance of errors!

Providing the following Products:

  1. Software: The software is user friendly; it can be accessed from a desktop or mobile. It easily locates any type of document by its high technology.
  2. Filing Cabinets: Shelving units are designed in a way to save space , with a pull-out shelf where you can place the folder to view it.
  3. File Folders: Customized folders based on the type of documents and storage requirements. Folders are durable and can be expanded to occupy more paper.
  4. Out Guide: A sheet of paper that is used to record the date a file is drawn, who requested it and the number of the file. A separator placed in the position of the file in use as a marker.
  5. Numerical Colored Labels: Visually easy to organize and identify, this filing system is based on digits and colors.

We provide two options for Document Management Services -

  1. We train the Customer Team to perform the services.
  2. Our Team performs the work in loco:


  • Corporate Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Legal Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Governmental Sectors
  • Educational Sectors
  • Invoices


Organization, Time Management, Less Losses!
In many industries, the value of a printed document can be considerably higher than the equivalent weight in gold.

The loss or theft of important documents such as medical records and legal documents can have serious consequences for the security and confidentiality, as well as financial consequences.

To prevent the loss of critical information, some companies are identifying valuable documents so they can be located and easily tracked in real time. With the document management methodology GIDOC-PAS, the risk of these situations is eliminated!

In addition, the GIDOC-PAS solution provides the following benefits:

  1. Speed: Immediate accessibility in the identification of physical and digital documents.
  2. Security: Synergy between physical and digital files. Color strip numerical sequence prevents intrusion from hackers on physical filing systems and ensuring the managers of possible fraud in the original documents.
  3. Transparency Auditing: Available and operational documents of administrative actions.
  4. End Error: Discrepancy of the color system.
  5. Organization: Simple, efficient and hygienic archive.
  6. Physical Space Reduction: Temporally documents as well as duplicated documents can be discarded during the screening process. Custom cabinets can be provided.
  7. Streamline decision-making
  8. Streamline production: Control the flow and organization of documents and files, ensuring economy, efficiency and effectiveness in public administration.