Ideal product for local deployment on the client's client or on your private cloud from Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and so on.


  • FCAZUS Management Software.
  • Integration with Color Coded Sequential System.
  • Integration among branches, departments and users.
  • Indexing of files.
  • OCR Portuguese, English and Arabic.
  • Upload documents from HDD.
  • Content permission of content for: Folders, Documents, Folder Types and Documents Type.
  • Import of Folder indexes via Excel file upload.
  • Textual search for approximation and relevance Registration of documents.
  • Documents Sending by e-mail.
  • Definition of different types of folders and documents in the same department.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Viewing and editing of scanned documents.
  • Intelligent document control.
  • Control of companies, departments and users and others.


The FCAZUS platform centralizes and protects information relevant to your business and works seamlessly with the systems you already use to speed up your operation.

Broad Integration Capability

Active Directory Integration, Microsoft Office and SharePoint, ERP and CRM, Databases, SAP, Emails and more.

Distribution of Documents

Find your content instantly through key words or specific phrases in texts, metadata, annotations and names, anytime you are.

Security and Compliance

FCAZUS is a secure application that ensures that documents are accessed only by properly authorized users. Users do not have direct access to databases or content storage locations, which ensures that nothing is changed or deleted from FCAZUS improperly.