Complete Organization, Time Management, No Losses!

In many industries, the value of a printed document can be considerably higher than the equivalent weight in gold.

Speed / Immediate accessibility in the identification of physical and digital documents.

Security / Synergy between physical and digital files.

Transparency Auditing / Available and operational documents of administrative actions.

End Error / Discrepancy of the color system.

Organization / Simple, efficient and hygienic archive.

Streamline decision-making / Streamline production, ensuring economy, efficiency and effectiveness.


How It Work?

It's very simple! You quickly access your document desired manage by the software search, and it identifies your file folder with documents exact location by the color of the numeric sequence.



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Information Management!

Our Culture is to Cultivate our DNA in Technology with Sustainability.

Secure Data Transfer

With integration to any database and easy access to your data through our user-friendly, highly customizable and mobile enabled platform.


We also provide services of organization for active and inactive files in all areas of activity.

How Does It Work?

It's very simple! Our system quickly integrates and identifies your file folder through numeric sequence colors managed by software search.

The Color Sequential Numerical File mainly involves the use of colored stickers from 0 (zero) to 9 (nine), with numbers printed with a corresponding color for each number, and it is possible to enumerate up to 10 billion file folders and identify them in a matter of seconds, without repeating the color combination.

What Documents Do We Organize?